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17th Century Swiss Chateau

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Monday, October 29, 2012

17th Century Swiss Chateau
Located in Switzerland, and originally built in the 17th century, this Swiss chateau has much character, and historical details. With roughly 9,000 square feet of living space and plenty of outdoor space, this home is ideal for a family. In 1996 the home was fully renovated and is listed as an Eco-friendly built home. (ABOVE) The home's backyard features beautifully manicured hedges and flowers. I love the ivy that is growing on the stone facade. Off the left side of the home is a small elevated patio, perfect for entertaining and soaking in the the views. (BELOW 1) Directly off the back of the home is a ground level patio. I am a huge fan of the gardens around the patio. It's not overly landscaped and has a great variation of flowers and greens. (BELOW 2) As you walk around the grounds you'll be pleasantly surprised to see a trellis. Under the trellis are small seating areas, perfect to rest under the green. The seating areas are private, yet one can still soak in the views and admire the well kept lawn. (BELOW 3) From the upper floors of the home one can admire the hills and mountains of Autigny, Switzerland. It's so nice to see so much undeveloped land. (BELOW 4) This close up view of the home's back, really shows the overscaled  roof. For me, the roof makes the home as gorgeous as it is. The roof is the heart of the home. The wood beans really soften the white stone facade and add much Swiss character. The home has both a mixture of Mediterranean style and country style. What do you think of the home?



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