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The Ball Is In Your Court

(BAD) Blog About Design: The Ball Is In Your Court

Friday, October 19, 2012

The Ball Is In Your Court
"Courts" by photographer Ward Roberts is a wonderful series of images that Roberts took while traveling the globe. Roberts was inspired by both the architecture of the courts and the surrounding structures. (ABOVE) How beautiful are the industrial buildings surrounding this court? I love the ominous colors of the photograph. (BELOW 1) With views of the water, this court has a very LA type feel. I love the 'street' style wall surrounding the court. Kind of looks like waves painted on. (BELOW 2) How cool is the architecture surrounding this court? The orange fencing against the white structure really pop. (BELOW 3) What an interesting idea for court. At first glance it looks to be outside with a trellis ceiling. However if you look closely you can see the glass above the trellis and yellow windows around the court. Which court do you see yourself playing in?



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