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A Look Inside Google

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A Look Inside Google
Have you ever wondered where Google lived? Well, if you ever wondered than today is your lucky day! The Google data centers are one of the most fascinating and complicated places you could ever visit. Inside the Google colored wires and pipes are our searches. (ABOVE) The Google Council Bluffs data center in Iowa is over 115,000 square feet. (BELOW 1) These Google colored pipes send and receive water to cool the facility. The G-Bike is used by Google employees to get around the data centers. (BELOW 2) The blue colored LED lights let Google employees know that things are running smoothly. LED lights are energy efficient. (BELOW 3) Behind the Google server aisle's is a fascinating new world! Here hundreds of fans circulate out hot air into a cooling unit that is then recirculated into the air. (BELOW 4) Servers like these require much space. This data center in Finland is located inside a renovated paper mill. Google choose to renovate the facility due to its solid infrastructure and proximity to the gulf for cooling waters. What do you think of the Google data centers?



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