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Architecture Around The World: Tel Aviv

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Architecture Around The World: Tel Aviv
It has been quite some time since I last published an "Architecture Around The World" post, so I'm thrilled to inspire you with one today! With over 2.5 million international visitors yearly, Tel Aviv is known as "The City That Never Sleeps". With stunning beaches, and phenomenal shopping, it's no surprise that Tel Aviv was named the third "hottest city of 2011". In addition to the city's incredible social life, the city's architecture is highly looked at. (ABOVE) The Hechal Yehuda Synagogue was built in 1980 by architect Yitzchak Toledano. The structure is built of white concrete, because of its unique design the structure was given the nickname 'Seashell Synagogue'. (BELOW 1) This structure is part of a collection of buildings referred to as "The White City". "The White City" refers to over 4,000 Bauhaus or international style buildings built from the 1930s. Bauhaus architecture was brought over from Germany. Bauhaus buildings have flat roofs, smooth facades, and cubic shapes. (BELOW 2) Bauhaus architecture is not the only architecture movement found in Tel Aviv. Bright colors and architectural details can also be found throughout the city. I love the Mediterranean energy this structure brings to the street. (BELOW 3) The Synagogue of Tel Aviv University was built by Swiss architect Mario Botta. The building's exterior is built of reddish stone from the Dolomite Mountains of Italy. What do you think of the architecture of Tel Aviv?



At October 24, 2012 at 3:32 AM , Blogger Kian Ricks said...

Wow! I like the design, very nice and eye-catching.

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