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The Petri Dish Project

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Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Petri Dish Project
Absinthe on the Rocks
Artist Klari Reis's "Petri Dish Project" is something I've never seen before. Each day in 2013, Reis creates these colorful modern paintings within the compounds of a petri dish. Petri dishes are used to examine different compounds under a microscope by scientists. Reis found a clever, artistic way of using them! (ABOVE) Looks like a large leaf in the center. I love the blue border, what a beautiful color. (BELOW 1) The green color looks like the inside of a Kiwi. Sort of makes me hungry. (BELOW 2) I love the combination of blue and white. The colors are so soft and beautiful to look at. I'd design a whole space, around these colors. (BELOW 3) Well, I love the brooch that this Jellyfish is wearing! Both the Jellyfish and brooch are richly colored. (BELOW 4) The deep blue circles would make a stunning pair of earrings. What do you think of Klari Reis's work?
1. Lily Pad on a Frozen Pond
2. Angel is a Centerfold
3. Jellyfish with a Brooch
4. Eggplants in the Snow



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