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Weekly Start Off: No 12

(BAD) Blog About Design: Weekly Start Off: No 12

Monday, March 4, 2013

Weekly Start Off: No 12

Happy Monday, March 4, 2013 readers! I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! For this week's "Weekly Start Off" post I decided to turn my focus towards fashion. Every girl needs a bold accent piece in her look. Whether that accent comes as a graphic bag, bright colored top, or studded heel, every look needs a little "wow". Each one of the looks below have that certain pow pow, you'll notice that a little pow pow will go along way!
1. A graphic top with a bold print or scene is a great way to make a big statement. I love the architecture inspired top that this girl is wearing. The bold orange band at the bottom of the top breaks the brown and adds a little color. If you choose to go all the way with a bold top, don't be afraid of wearing a bold necklace. The necklace she is wearing works with the look. Be sure that the necklace works with the colors already of the top.
 2. A studded heel can do no harm. Especially a studded heel attached to a colorblocked shoe. If you want to wear a pump with a little pow pow, be sure that the rest of the look is simple. A bold pump will make a huge statement and if worn with a bold top, pant, or necklace, you can end up looking a little too bold. I'd love to see this shoe paired with a hot pair of leather skinny pants.
 3. An embellished sweater, collar, or top is a wonderful, feminine way of adding a little pow pow. I absolutely love this embellished sweater and collared top. If you're not a jewelry person, these type of looks are a great way of having a little shimmer and shine. An embellished collared top can be mixed and matched with pretty much any type of pant, and worn with a wide array of jackets, sweaters, etc.
1. Every girl needs her statement bag. A statement bag will bring the whole look together. A Reed Krakoff bag is a phenomenal choice. These bags can be worn with many different types of tops, dresses, pants, etc., and are timeless. I'm not the type of person who says that every girl needs ten or more bags. I always suggest having one or two, well made bags that will stand the test of time and will make a statement. 



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