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Weekly Start Off: No 19

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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Weekly Start Off: No 19
Happy Tuesday, May 28, 2013, readers! I hope everyone had a fantastic Memorial Day weekend. The past week has been pretty rainy in the New York area, and on Sunday things finally cleared up. Monday was a fresh 75 degrees with a gentle breeze. The reason I mention this? It's time to bring out the transparent chiffon maxi dresses! What I love about this type of dress is you that you feel like you're wearing a long dress, but you're really not!   

1. Here are a few beautiful transparent chiffon maxi dresses. This 3.1 Phillip Lim Layered Twist Column Dress is a formal choice. I love the orchid color. It's very luxurious, yet manages to feel light and fresh for spring. This Rory Beca dress is a casual choice. This dress sort of looks like a romper and a maxi dress combined. I see one wearing this dress lounging in their backyard surrounded by flowers, with fantastic sea views. 

2. I'm planning my summer getaway and am searching for a few great new places to travel to that I haven't yet been to. Travel and Leisure magazine is definitely a great resource when it comes to planning a trip. If you're looking to book a trip, check out Jetsetter. They have a great selection of hotels and those deals we all love! I'm considering St. Lucia. It seems like a place that not only has scenic views, but also a wide variety of things to do. Have you been? 

3. One of my favorite things about celebrating Memorial Day with family is hanging outside and making s'mores. The classic s'more will never go out of style. Marshmallows, graham cracker, and chocolate gently smoked over a firepit. However, why not try a new take on the classic? I made these peanut butter s'mores with my family yesterday and loved them. Fabulous Lindsay! 


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