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Moving In: Villa Labarba

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Monday, September 23, 2013

Moving In: Villa Labarba
How amazing is this California mansion? Well, I think it's just fab! This over 12,000 sq ft house that sits on over an acre of ocean front property is an incredible place to live. The home was built in 1997, and has many classic California design embellishments, yet still feels fresh and clean. (ABOVE) The center motorcourt is a classic feature. Love the clean, front facade as well as the boxwoods that surround the house. Every classically designed home needs a fountain. I love that the fountain is surrounded by some pink flowers.
(1) The views are the highlight of the property. Waking up and walking around such beautifully landscaped grounds would be truly amazing. I like how the water from the upper level fountain spills over into a collection of smaller fountains running toward the ocean.
(2) The back of the home is as beautiful as the front of the home. I love the hedges, and center fountain. The back of the home screams traditional, with a touch of modernity. The terrace just off the main house is the perfect place to entertain. Beautiful architecture and views of the ocean surround you!
(3) A long slide carries water from the upper level fountain to the lower level fountain. This idea is a more environmentally friendly alternative, which is always a good thing! I could see myself laying on one of those blue outdoor sofas and looking out at the ocean and sandy beaches.
(4) The property features a garden space. I recently started learning some tricks when it comes to planting and gardening. I love having a garden in the back of my home and would die for this large one that overlooks the water. What do you think of the home? Would you move in? 



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