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When Landscape And Fashion Collide

(BAD) Blog About Design: When Landscape And Fashion Collide

Friday, September 6, 2013

When Landscape And Fashion Collide
Photographer Joseph Ford was able to take the wonderful landscapes of different countries, and the details of clothing and bring them together. The result? Pure genius, I'm getting one of those "Why didn't I think of that" moments. This series of photographs has received numerous awards and accolades. (ABOVE) The street blends right into the zipper of a printed jacket. The rocks of the landscape are reflected in the print on the jacket.
(1) Western landscape meets camouflage. Love how the train tracks blend right into the zipper. I love the earthy vibe of this composition.
(2) The building rooftops are reflected into geometric squares. The pops of green represent the trees, while the more neutral and lighter colors represent the rooftops.
(3) This photograph is dead on. I have absolutely nothing to say here. The simplicity of the street circle and watch are perfect. Guess I did!
(4) I love how the sand dunes move right into the sweater. The sweater has a fantastic orange wool that shows much depth and color.



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