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The Pen Carpets

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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Pen Carpets
I'm literally in shock! This phenomenal series drawn by design based studio Joe and Nathan is incredible. The drawings are obviously meant to look like realistic carpets. The detail in each piece is beyond amazing, and to think that this whole series was drawn using ballpoint Bic pens is unbelievable. (ABOVE) This photograph shows both the beauty and detail of one of Joe and Nathan's pen drawings as well as the time and precision needed to complete one of these pieces.
(1) This is a completed piece. Even after staring at this photograph for a period of time I still can't tell the difference between the drawing and an actual carpet. I could see this carpet as something I'd place in my home.
(2) A view of the carpet up close. Joe and Nathan did an incredible job portraying different textures in the way in which they drew these carpets. They don't feel one-dimensional.
(3) A view of the different drawing lines. I love this photograph. It's sort of like a before and after.
(4) There are so many components that go into these pieces. I'm curious as to what the process is to create one of these pieces.
(5) In addition to the black carpets, Joe and Nathan have also designed this blue carpet. The carpet looks like the ceiling of a cathedral. The center flower is fantastic.
(6) A closer look of the center flower. I like the blue carpets, they have a nice variation in blues.
(7) Isn't it incredible to think that those pens drew this carpet? What do you think of Joe and Nathan's work? Do you you like the blue or black carpets better? Share in the comments! 



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