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The Leaf Gowns

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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Leaf Gowns
Happy first day of October readers! I went away this weekend for a little getaway and am super pumped to get back to blogging! I wanted to start of October with a post that brings together leaves and fashion, which I find very fitting for the season. Malaysian artist, Tang Chiew Ling's incredible series titled "Fashion in Leaf" explores the leaf as a dress. Ling experiments with different types of leaves and different shaped gowns, and the result are these beautiful images. (ABOVE) "Inspired by a famous actress, Audrey Hepburn. Using simple shapes of leaves to create a graceful figure". I like the simplicity and elegance of this "leaf dress" the dress captures the look of Hepburn.
(1) Here the leaf is quite glossy and textural. I like the complexity and simplicity of the piece. Ling describes this girl as one who is noble.
(2) Here the leaves have a similar arrangement to the leaves above, however, they have a stripped pattern and have more volume at the base.
(3) This yellow morning glory dress is my favorite. It has a great kick of color, and an elegant shaping. If this were a real dress, I could see it hanging at Oscar de la Renta.
(4) This piece caught my attention. Here the leaf is actually dead. They're something strong and powerful about the girl wearing this dress, which is quite ironic figuring the leaf it dead.
(5) This leaf dress is a bit Adams Family to me, and I like that! I find it interesting how Ling broke the dress at the center. This break gives the piece a bit more dimension and movement. What do you think of Ling's work? 

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