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A Week In The City: Los Angeles Area

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Friday, November 15, 2013

A Week In The City: Los Angeles Area
My newest series "A Week in the City" takes you to some of the best places to travel to, where to stay, eat, and what to pack. The Los Angeles area of California is one of the most beautiful places in the world. From the beautiful, warm weather to the many eclectic places to stay and dine, it's a place that has attracted many people and will continue to do so. (ABOVE) I fell in love with this vintage photograph of cars driving in L.A. From the palm trees in the background, to the classic cars in the foreground, it embodies the California lifestyle.
(1) The Los Angeles area is very hilly, because of this there are many gorgeous views. This view taken from a higher elevation close to L.A, shows the beauty and size of the city. Many celebrities have home's overlooking such views! I could definitely get used to this.
(2) The Mr. C in Beverly Hills is one of the best boutique hotels you will find in the Los Angeles area. The hotel features a pool, restaurant, and spa. The exterior of the hotel is very 60-70s California. It's modern, yet has a few subtle classic elements
(3) One of the suites at the hotel. The guest rooms range from 365-1165 sq ft, each of the rooms has a private balcony overlooking Beverly Hills, and Los Angeles. In terms of the rooms design, I love the rich leather texture and the use of metal. It's a very rich looking space, however, it still feels fresh and laid back.
(4-5) Mr.C hotel also has a pool! Though it's not very large, it's still a great space to unwind and have a drink at. I love the different colors used throughout the space!
(6) I really like the blurred backdrop here. A very elegant, yet fun entry space. What do you think of the hotel? Have you stayed here before? Let us know in the comments!
(7) Baco Mercat is one of the best restaurants in L.A. They serve a classic American cuisine. The best part is their super affordable price point. I love the look of the restaurant from the exterior. It looks super inviting! Amazing brass door.
(8) This is one of the meals survived at the Baco Mercat. My mouth is literally salivating.  I wonder what kind of sandwich this is. Any ideas? What do you think of this meal? Would you eat here? 


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