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The Conan House

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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Conan House

Photography: Nam Goung Son
The Conan house is designed by architects Moon Hoon in Bangdong, South Korea. Moon Hoon architects envisioned "a sculptural object, unhindered by its neighbors, standing rather conspicuously". The result is a stunning home that looks like nothing seen before. (ABOVE) The front door of the house is located at the structures corner. The bright red color screams attention. If it were not for the color, one would get confused as to wear the front door is.

Photography: Nam Goung Son (1)
(1) A view of the house from the street. I love the different shapes the home creates'. The windows are uniquely placed, and are positioned to take full advantage of the light and enhance the architecture.
Photography: Nam Goung Son (2)
(2) The structure is placed on a base for added support. It appears that there is a sandbox on the home's front lawn. So much fun!  
Photography: Nam Goung Son (3)
(3) The city of Bangdong is famous for sight seeing and leisure. The awkward plot of land in front of the water calls for a uniquely placed structure. My only issue with the home is the lack of windows on the front facade. With such beautiful views, I'd love to have large windows. 
Photography: Nam Goung Son (4)
(4) What do you think of the home? Would you live here? 




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