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Moving In: Historic Italian Mansion

(BAD) Blog About Design: Moving In: Historic Italian Mansion

Monday, October 21, 2013

Moving In: Historic Italian Mansion
How gorgeous is this Italian mansion located in Lucca, Italy? The home has eight bedrooms and nine full bathrooms. It was built in the XVI century, and has proven to stand the test of time with many of its original details still in tact.(ABOVE) Trees line the driveway and an iron gate marks the entrance. I love the rugged look of this driveway. You don't expect there to be anything beautiful on the other side. There's an aura of mystery.
(1) The home is very fitting for it's location and the period it was built in. I love the home's symmetry as well as it's green shutters. In the center of the facade is a large medallion, really adds to the character of the architecture. An added bonus is the large property.
(2) Terra Cotta pots line the home. I love the energy that these flowers bring. The yellow stucco works well with the shutters and stone window and door frames. This home looks like it belongs in a storybook, it's too perfect.
(3) The property is stunning. I love the greenery. The greenery softens the home and puts the home in a dreamy setting. Without the greenery the property would not have the same impact.
(4) The pool is an added bonus. I'm guessing that the structure off the pool can be used as a pool house or a guest house. What I like about the pool area is the grass section and low shrubbery. By keeping shrubbery low, the pool receives direct sunlight.
(5) Adjacent the pool is a tennis court. Yes it could use a bit updating, but nonetheless it's got great bones. I like having a red tennis court, I almost like it more than a green court. What do you think of the home and its property? Would you move in?  



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