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Inside Julia Buckingham's New Showroom

(BAD) Blog About Design: Inside Julia Buckingham's New Showroom

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Inside Julia Buckingham's New Showroom
I'm a huge fan of designer Julia Buckingham's work. Her ability to bring together so many different styles, and having them all work in harmony with each other is quite remarkable. Buckingham's new showroom is a space full of unique pieces that have both purpose and style. (ABOVE) Buckingham's showroom space is large, to create a more cozy atmosphere, she broke the space up into many different areas. Each area of the space has it's own design theme.
(1) A closer look at the "dining area" in the space. This area is the perfect place to meet with potential clients, and discuss ideas, as well as brainstorm with the design team. Personally, the chairs are my favorite. Since the space is quite tall, desk lamps give the right amount of light.
(2) These objects are on display on the dining table. They're wonderful pieces, that add a kick to the table and the area. They're the jewelry piece for the table.
(3) This seating area is located on the opposite side of the space. It's different from the "dining area", as well as any other seating area in the space. I really like the porter-like armchair as well as the "mushroom" stools to the left.
(4) A closer look at the "mushroom" stools. These stools serve two purposes: They provide added seating, and bring a piece of art into the space. The architecture of the space is very industrial, these stools bring a bit of color into the space.
(5) This vignette is very malachite themed. The malachite box on the console table brings so much texture, and movement to the area. The purple, circle painting breaks the continuous green malachite found in the area. What do you think of Julia Buckingham's new showroom?



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