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Géométrie de L’impossible

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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Géométrie de L’impossible
Géométrie de L’impossible (Impossible Geometry) is a series shot by 21 year old photographer, Fanette Guilloud. Guilloud series was shot throughout France. Each of the figures featured in these space's were painted onto the walls, floors, ceilings, no editing was used! By photographing the anamorphic shapes at the right angle, the figure comes into view. (ABOVE) This figure is painted onto the doors and walls. It's super cool how Guilloud was able to paint the figure onto 3 separate planes.
(1) This figure is painted though a number of different objects. The different angles of the figure are quite interesting to look at.
(2) This figure is painted in different colors and placed on three different planes. The floors, walls, and ceiling. The different colors of the figure aid in the 3D look.
(3) This figure is painted using different hues of green, white and black. The colors from the outdoors are captured by the figure.
(4) This figure seems to twist and turn into different forms. If you follow one of the white lines in the figure they twist and turn around the figure. What do you think of this series?



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