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Glass In Between

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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Glass In Between
I'm a huge fan of this series of glass in between rocks and books by Japanese-born artist Ramon Todo. To create this wonderful juxtaposition, Todo used fragments of the Berlin wall, volcanic rock, and books, and placed in between the two surfaces a perfectly cut, very smooth, fragment of glass. The result is an incredible combination of opaque and translucent. (ABOVE) This Marble and stone piece is my favorite in the series. I like the lighter colored rock, and water-blue glass. There's a coolness to the piece. I could see a desk surface in this material, a counter top, or even a light fixture.
(1) I like how the glass pops against this dark volcanic rock. The very coarse rock surrounding a very smooth fragment of glass creates a beautiful contrast.
(2) This piece of stone and fragment of glass share a similar likeness. What do I mean? Well, both the piece of stone and glass are linear, and have straight lines. They work well together and create a strong piece.
(3) A piece of orange stone found in Paris. I love the color of the stone and would use this color for my staircase. The way the light hits the glass causes the glass to change it's movement, complementing the rock's movements well.
(4) A blue book houses a larger piece of glass. I love the simplicity of the book. I wonder if one can open the book? What do you think of the series? 



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