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Weekly Start Off: No 28

(BAD) Blog About Design: Weekly Start Off: No 28

Monday, October 28, 2013

Weekly Start Off: No 28
Happy Monday, October 28, 2013, readers! I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. This weekend I found myself browsing the web for extreme homes. From homes built literally into the mountains to homes with the most unusual geometry. What I learned from this fun half hour of extreme home searching is: any house can be built. This phenomenal house is built right into the mountains. What I like about this house is that it's not made of stone, but wood. This juxtaposition creates a big statement.  

1. If you love extreme homes that check out this Pinterest page, it's full of extreme homes that'll make you say ooh and ah! This structure is one of my favorites. Super extreme!     

2. When I think of extreme homes, I also think of unique fashion statement pieces! Love these Eddie Borgo earrings, super cute. Or maybe you need a pair of Gucci curved leather booties

3. Since we're on a bit of an extreme roll, how about some Tomato Soup Cupcakes? I have to admit, I'm a bit surprised and intrigued by this recipe. I'm going to give it a try! Let me know how it goes if you decide to try it as well!


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