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The Fruit And Vegetable Sculptures

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Friday, November 8, 2013

The Fruit And Vegetable Sculptures
Romanian based photographer, Dan Cretu's, fruit and vegetables sculptures are the perfect balance of fun, creative, and somewhat tasty looking. Due to the nature of the materials, Cretu had a maximum of four hours to assemble and photograph each object before it started to brown. I love Cretu's imagination! (ABOVE) "Pepper Chopper" A pepper, lime, what do you see?
(1) "Orange Bicycle". Love this photograph. This photograph highlights the beauty of the orange. From the peel to the juice, looking at this photograph is making me very hungry!
(2) "Orange Camera". I love the color story that is happening here. Rather than having a camera fully made of oranges, Cretu used lime's as well to add a layer of dimension and vary the color of the camera.
(3) "Cucumber Camera". When I first saw this photograph I did not think that the camera was made of actual cucumbers. I thought a cucumber-type paper, covered the exterior shell of the camera. It looks to perfect! Love the punch of red the tomato brings to the photograph.
(4) "Fruits and Veggies Stereo". This photograph is a culmination of both the use of fruits an vegetables. I see Grapefruits, Stringbeans, peppers, limes, what do you see? What do you think of Dan Cretu's work? 



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