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Color Story: Pink

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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Color Story: Pink

Pink is a burst of energy, a color of creativity and carefree living. Everyone looks good in a pink room, it's a color of many hues and emotions. Pink provides feelings of caring, love, and acceptance. The best way to incorporate pink in a space is through flowers. (ABOVE) This is Betsy Johnson's Dining Room. Pink is the most prominent color in this space. I like lighter hues of the color pink, like the hue Johnson choose, I find it elegant. (BELOW 1) I really like the gentle touch of pink in this space. By only using the color pink on one item in this space, the color does not overpower the room.  (BELOW 2) This space is very eclectic. I love all the different pieces, as well as the way pink was used in this space. On the walls, flowers, and pillows. You can add as little or as much to your space as you want. Don't follow rules, just do.  
Top Designers Give Reasons Why They Love Pink:
Katie Ridder:
"Pink is a feel-good color,”says New York designer Katie Ridder.“All hues of pink are pleasing to me, and they're also a wonderful backdrop for contrasting color.”
Suzanne Kasler:
"Pink creates energy and adds an element of fun to any room,”says Atlanta designer Suzanne Kasler. "It is one of my favorite colors to incorporate into a design scheme.”
Kelly Wearstler:
"I love how diverse pink can be," says Los Angeles designer Kelly Wearstler.“Pale pink can be calming to the senses while a bolder shade can be energizing.”
Katie Lydon:
"Pink is one of those colors that people shy away from sometimes, because they don't want a room to appear too girly,”says New York–based British designer Katie Lydon.“But I think there are ways of using pink that really bring warmth and subtlety to a bedroom for a couple―it doesn't have to be just for a girl's bedroom. Pink looks beautiful with chocolate browns, grays, and woods.”

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