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'Non-Traditional' Photography

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Thursday, November 29, 2012

'Non-Traditional' Photography
New York City photographer Lori Nix describes herself as a 'non-traditional' photographer. It takes several months for Nix to construct each scene. According to Nix, much of her work focuses on danger, and disasters with a touch of humor. Nix's newest body of work "The City", featured below depicts either something natural or as a result of mankind that will empty the city of human inhabitants. (ABOVE) "Bounty", is an incredible photograph that shows the beauty and mystery of the world below the water. A ship, cars, and many other such things are found below. (BELOW 1) "Beauty Shop" is such a cool, unique photograph. One thing I don't think I'll ever see living in the NYC area is an empty salon! (BELOW 2) "The Subway", I love that everything inside the subway train is rusted from the ceiling to the walls, however, the seats still hold their vibrant color. They really pop against such a somber backdrop. (BELOW 3) "Library", is one of my favorites of Nix's work. I like to envision the library and how it once looked. I would actually plant those trees on purpose! They add a lot of character. What do you think of Lori Nix's work?



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