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The Camouflaged Building

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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Camouflaged Building
Architecture firm Holzer Kobler, designed this building to be camouflaged into its surroundings. Located in Germany, this museum houses a Palaon research and experience center. (ABOVE) The building is designed to be one with the sky and the earth. The clouds reflect on the mirrored windows. (BELOW 1) The building has many hard angles. The center houses 300,000 year old Schoningen spears, which are the oldest preserved hunting spears in the world. The architecture of the building resembles a spear. (BELOW 2) From a distance, you almost don't notice the building. Holzer Kobler did a fantastic job meeting their goals to blend the building into it's surroundings. The firm achieved this in a modern way. (BELOW 3) I love how the windows blend into the building. What do you think of the structure?  



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