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Wear That Space: Marx Living Room

(BAD) Blog About Design: Wear That Space: Marx Living Room

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Wear That Space: Marx Living Room
Owned by Etsy shop owner Jessica Marx, this phenomenal space has a very casual, music centered feel. The guitars add not only a rich, warm texture into the space, but also add a very personal touch. The space is a wonderful harmony between brass, black, whites, browns, and creams. By painting the walls white, the furnishings really stand out. My favorite area of the space is the seating area under the window. The pillows and fluffy cushion, look super comfortable to sit on. For the fashion picks, I was inspired by the colors found throughout the space. The soft pink is found in the tops, the center top was inspired by the floral ottoman. The jewelry was inspired by the brass pendant, sofa legs, and coffee table legs. The clog sandals add a warmth to the last look. Just like the guitars add a warmth into the space. What do you think of the space? Which fashion picks are your favorite? 

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