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Weekly Start Off: No 22

(BAD) Blog About Design: Weekly Start Off: No 22

Monday, July 29, 2013

Weekly Start Off: No 22
Happy Monday, July 29, 2013, readers! I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. One of my goals in life was to learn how to skateboard. There's something about feeling the wind against your face, speeding down a hill that gives me a rush. Having a short commute to work, I'd rather grab a skateboard and go rather than walk, or ride a bike. So these last few weeks, I've spent my time learning how to skateboard. I picked up a cruiser board, as I wanted something that was small and easy to store. When I was cruising (hehe) around the web, I was inspired by edgier looks. Skateboard girl meets cool biker gone chic. I love coming up with fashion titles! Btw, I totally suggest picking up a cruiser board and learning. It's wicked.  

1. I bought this cruiser skateboard. I love the bright orange, and purple wheels contrast. Once you get your skateboard, check out this clip, to get you started. Check out this clip, for a little skateboarding inspiration. 

2. If your in the mood for a little skateboard girl meets cool biker gone chic look, than I have a few links for you! Check out this Kelly Wearstler jacket. Its got that biker chic thing going for it. I love this Equipment blouse. It's very architectural and would look great with a pair of Rag and Bone cut off denim shorts.      

3. Books are treasures to me. Recently, I've been on a bit of a book high. I'm so inspired by design, and architecture books, and love books published by Rizzoli and Phaidon. However, I just came across Victionary and have fallen in love with their unique selection of books.    

"Where the wild things are" printed boldly on the back of this awesome jacket. I love the edgier, rock star vibe of this jacket. It's a solid piece for the fall. Pair the jacket with a printed bag. The printed bag picks up the colors found on the lion.
This look has that biker thing going for it. From what I can tell, Taylor is actually wearing a leather romper. I like having a backpack rather than a bag. If your going to be a biker, than you need something that your can just wear on your back and go!
As you can tell by the look of my blog, I love blue. I'm digging the blue detail on the back of this coat. It's such a modern, simple piece. The modern lines continue onto the oversized clutch.
The jacket is a modern update to a classic tweed jacket. I love the fun, casual feel of the jacket. It looks good without taking its self seriously. Pairing it with the Beatles wearing clown noses is sick!  

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