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BAD's Must Haves: Aug 8, 2013

(BAD) Blog About Design: BAD's Must Haves: Aug 8, 2013

Thursday, August 8, 2013

BAD's Must Haves: Aug 8, 2013

I absolutely love these Lim loafers. They have a very modern, sleek look. Can I compare them to stainless steel appliances (hehe)? These loafers are mega statements pieces. I'm constantly talking about how each look should have a statement piece. These shoes are the mackdaddy's of statement pieces! Shoes this serious should be paired with a pair of pants. They have that menswear feel, and would overpower a dress. A black skinny pant, with a feminine blouse would look hot! Those heels are putting me in a trance! 

Wear This With The Loafers:

I absolutely love this McCartney bag. The bag has this perfect combination of modern, and classic. From the side view, you can see that this bag is superiorly made. My favorite part about this bag is the embossed chain. It brings a bit of pop and uniqueness to the bag. I see this bag being paired with an at the knee fitted dress. However, a more flirty dress could look cool with this bag. 

Wear This With The Bag:

I absolutely love these Dannijo earrings. They such a fresh, summer feel. Part of me wants to welcome in fall, however, seeing pieces like this make me cry that summer is coming to an end. I like that not only are the colors of the earrings to die for, but also the different shapes of the crystals. I see these earrings being worn with a multitude of pieces. You can wear them with a white, summer dress. You can wear them with a more refined dinner gown, or you can wear them with a T-shirt and jeans. 

Wear This With The Earrings:

I absolutely love this Kenzo bracelet. It's the perfect piece for that punk rock look you've been wanting to wear. It's a modern piece, that I sort of wish also came as a belt. I really like the silver tone "K". This piece is screaming to be paired with a pair of either boyfriend jeans or skinny jeans. For the top, I'd pair the bracelet with a graphic tee. Something loud and cool. Converse, a pair of Supra's, or heels would bring it all together.  



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