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Thursday, August 15, 2013

A Well Traveled World
I have a bit of a weak spot when it comes to travel photography. Kate Rentz's photographs of her international travels are making me beam from cheek to cheek! Looking through her photographs, I literally feel like I'm in a different part of the world for a few seconds. The Ohio-born, California-based girl photographs not only travel, but also fashion, lifestyle, portraits, etc. (ABOVE) The country of Argentina is gorgeous. The picturesque mountains, crystal clear blue water, and white sand beaches are making me crave for a beach getaway to the country right now!
(1) Big Sur, California. Look at the mountains for a second. Don't you feel like the rest of the photograph would just be desert? The amazing blue color of the water stands out against the very martin like mountains.
(2) I wish I knew where this photograph was taken! I did a post on the Grand Canyon a little while ago and this photograph gives me that vibe. What I find particularly beautiful about this photograph is the vastness of the landscape, cloud shadows, and the different variation in colors of the mountains. Can I say colorblocked
(3) This looks like it was taken in the good old South West, any ideas? I'm not an avid camper, however, I'd consider camping more often if the camp grounds had views like this.
(4) Desert vibe. I feel like we're in Arizona here? The way in which this photograph was taken looks like Kate was on the road. Makes me sort of want to go on a road trip.
(5) Every good traveler has got to have a travel journal. I have a good feeling my journal would start with words and quickly change into architecture, design, and fashion sketches.
(6) Finally, a photograph with a location! A volcano in the gorgeous Costa Rica. Costa Rica's beauty lies in it's lush landscapes. What a place to explore some forests, perfect place to whip out your designer boots (hehe).
(7) Guess I spoke to soon! This location has a Northeast feel, any ideas? I really like the look of moss growing on the trees. Can I just say, sledding here would be quite the challenge!
(8) Death Valley, California. This is one of my favorite of Kate's photographs. It's so eerie. It's such a simple shot, yet says so much about the landscape. Doesn't seem like much of a place to explore! What do you think of Kate Rentz's photographs? 

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