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(BAD) Blog About Design: February 2013

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Ice Skating in Holland
Photographer, Ben Visbeek, took these incredible photographs of people ice-skating and ice-yachting in North Holland. Here in NYC, I find myself praying for the warmer weather, but in North Holland, they're praying for the cold weather. When the weather does get cold enough, however, the people of Holland compete in ice-related sports such as skating and yachting. (ABOVE) When the water freezes, one may freely skate from one end to the other. (BELOW 1) The colors that surround you are absolutely breathtaking. (BELOW 2) As seen below, competitive ice-skating is a popular sport during this time. (BELOW 3) If competitive ice-skating isn't for you, then how about yachting? What do you think of Visbeek's work?


Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Moving In: Stockholm Country Estate
"Moving In" is an all new series on BAD. The series will explore fantastic homes across the world that I would love to be moving in to, how I'd furnish my new home as well as a few clothing picks for those days and nights on the town. This home is located in Stockholm, and has over thirty acres of land. With views of the water and its own private tennis court, it's a sure beauty. (ABOVE) The architecture of the home is quite stately. I love the simplicity of the facade. It's not overly adorned. I think the roof would be better flat? (BELOW 1) An aerial view of the home. The water is only a few feet away. All the trees surrounding the home create much privacy. (BELOW 2) The rear lawn is naturally landscaped. No hedges, or flowers, just freshly cut grass. The pathway leads to the water. (BELOW 3) A private dock sits on the water behind high bushes. What a romantic spot for a dinner. (BELOW 4) From the dock, one has incredible views of the surrounding area. Would you move in?

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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Too Hot To Handle: All Out Glamour


Monday, February 25, 2013

Weekly Start Off: No 11

Happy Monday, February 24, 2013 readers! I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! For this week's "Weekly Start Off" post I decided to turn my focus towards classic architecture. I love classic architecture, because you can furnish your home in a wide array of styles. Like modern, traditional, eclectic, and live in a classically built house? No problem! All these interior styles will work and look great in any one of these homes.
1. A beautiful Neo-Classical home located in Newport Beach, CA with unparalleled views of the water. Despite the home being rather new, it looks like it has been around for quite some time. I find the many windows, and doors to enhance the overall architecture of the house. The well maintained lawn and planting add to the beauty. I wish I was kicking back by the pool right now!
2. A wonderful manor house located in Switzerland. The home's architecture has a classic Swiss feel. I absolutely love the center dome. It's a touch of the unexpected. If you place your finger over the dome and half circle entryway the home has a very ordinary look. The dome and half circle entryway make the home. The potted flowers and shrubs, add color where needed.
3. London has some of the most magnificent looking townhouses. Townhouses like the one above, for example, are clean and manage to add a little green life to their facade. The window cornices are necessary to give the facade some architectural pizazz. When you think about it, a townhouse only has the front face to make a statement. Heavily adorned cornices, and doors, and detailed window fences as well as phenomenal edging is needed. I love the flower boxes!
4. This house pays homage to many different classic architecture styles. Greek, ItalianFrench, English, styles have influenced the architecture of the home. The triangular design above the front door is very Greek as well as Italian, Palladio. The windows, doors, and Manson roof are very French. And the way the stone is arranged on the front facade, reminds me of an English townhouse.
5. Located in Italy, this home has commanding views of the sea. The home's architecture is heavily influenced by Greek design and the work of Palladio. If you image the home without the columns it would have a completely different look. It would not have the same grandeur, nor the same elegance. 


Friday, February 22, 2013

Missing From Your Closet


Thursday, February 21, 2013

Windows Of New York
When I come across creative ideas like this series, "Windows of New York", by Josè Guizar I get so excited by what people can create. Guizar's ability to think outside of the box and illustrate something so different has grabbed the attention of people all over. The best part about the series is you can actually visit each window! The series is not only a tribute to the beauty of graphic design, but also to architecture. (ABOVE) Walking down streets in the West Village, you'll always see windows with flower boxes. I just love how these flower boxes freshen up the facade of the buildings. (BELOW 1) The small arched window must be for a bathroom. I love a thick cornice above and below the window, makes the windows pop! (BELOW 2) A little ivy in front of a New York window will make you feel like your looking into the country! (BELOW 3) Broome Street is one of my favorite streets in New York. The area feels a little like a European city. (BELOW 4) Sometimes a window looks better without a cornice. The arch at the top of the window keeps it elegant and classic. (BELOW 5) I wonder if the actual window has stripes of orange on the cornices? I guess I'm going to have to go the window and find out! (BELOW 6) This window sort of looks like the windows you'll find in Washington D.C. I wonder who had the idea first? (BELOW 7) When you're in the village, the buildings are not as tall and therefore, you'll find air conditioners in the windows. Is it weird that I sometimes get scared one will fall on my head? What do you think of the series?


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Space's I'm Loving: Part IX
Why I Love This Space: I love this space's unique, vibrant, loud, exciting vintage furniture!

Designed by the one and only Jonathan Adler, this condo screams "Happy Chic". My eye is immediately drawn to the Pedro Friedeberg arm chairs. Who doesn't want to sit in a metal palm? The dark wood floors are perfect for this space. They reflect the furniture, it looks as if you're walking on glass. A translucent coffee table with a pleasant pink surprise. The coffee table reminded me of this clutch. If you're one that loves furniture pieces that make a splash in a space, painting the walls a soft white will tone down the intensity! You can add as little or as much to your space as you want. Don't follow rules, just do.
Why I Love This Space: I love this space's floor to ceiling windows and how the outside views reflect the furniture and accessories.

A space like this screams vacation home! The home rests high above the Los Angeles sky line and has breathtaking views of the city and the tree tops. The interiors reflect this combination. Clean modern furniture represent the city views and different textures and wood furnishings represents the tree top views. Painting the space white was a brilliant idea. The floor to ceiling windows allows the trees to be the color in the space. The outdoors bleed into the space. You can add as little or as much to your space as you want. Don't follow rules, just do.
Why I Love This Space: I love this space's dark turquoise cabinetry, and white stone backsplash and countertops.

This kitchen, simply put, has a great vibe. It's the contrast in color, light and dark, and shapes that make it stand out above the rest. Dark turquoise cabinetry in a Kitchen is a huge risk, but when done right the results are tremendous. A white stone backsplash and countertops, pop against the dark floors and cabinets. I can see this Kitchen in a home in the HamptonsYou can add as little or as much to your space as you want. Don't follow rules, just do.
Why I Love This Space: I love this space's bright yellow door, and graphic pieces.

I'm sort of in love with yellow this week. Every post thus far this week has had some yellow in it. I guess I just hope spring is reading my blog and will let the sun start heating us up! Designer Miles Redd, designed this Bedroom that plays with elegance and what I'd like to call, fun chic. If you want to have some color in your space, but are scared about painting the whole space or a wall a bright color, then start by painting the doors. Doors are extremely easy to paint over and can make a big difference if painted a cool color. Throughout the space, in the graphic pieces, you'll notice yellow making subtle appearances. You can add as little or as much to your space as you want. Don't follow rules, just do.


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Fashion Meets Design: Bold Graphic

The pink street style outfit, and outdoor courtyard inspired both the fashion and design picks. The courtyard is inviting, full of life, and a great place to kick back and relax. The soft pink color and planting makes the space feel cozy. The design picks reflect both the coziness and the elegance of the courtyard. The street style outfit is classic with a modern twist. For the fashion picks, I played with a classic fit, with a modern twist. An elegant dress or a modern color blocked shirt.        

The bold graphic street style outfit and dark blue bedroom, inspired both the fashion and design picks. The bedroom is painted a dark sophisticated color, the bed sheets stand out and give the otherwise dark room some life. The end table breaks the dark theme. The design picks reflect the dark and light graphic theme of the space. The street style outfit plays with different shapes and textures. For the fashion picks, I too played with different textures such as lace, stone, leather and much more. A clean white shirt breaks the dark theme. 

The geometric street style outfit and office inspired both the fashion and design picks. The office is simple, but it's not boring. It's painted white, has black trim and has a great geometric cabinet to give it that pop and give the space some color. The design picks are similar to the key pieces in the office. A strong graphic cabinet, a Beni Ourain rug, and a Murano chandelier. The street style outfit plays with a similar geometric pattern. For the fashion picks, I played with simplicity and energy. A great geometric cutout dress, and a simple suede sandal. 

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